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A Modest Proposal… February 20, 2009

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It has been too long since I’ve posted a Wondermark, my friends. TOO LONG! And so, to undo this egregious slight, I offer you a clip from this week that was too close to my recent thinking to pass up.


What exactly can we define as normal? As little kids we don’t generally pause from playing house or learning our letters to consider this concept, unless one of our classmates smells bad or has a strange mole or is allergic to food coloring and can’t eat the birthday cupcakes. Obviously, these kids were not normal. And sometimes they were made fun of. As teens, we strived to have the “right clothes,” to go to the “right hangouts,” to blend in. To be “normal.” (Ok, except for the goth kids who were a step ahead of the game and were already anti-normal – and they were DEFINITELY made fun of).

As we headed off to college (or not), we split in two directions. Some went the normal route – joined greek systems, wore college sweatshirts and pajamas to class, studied a lot or partied a lot, but mostly blended in. The others strove for individuality: made their own clothes (or looked like they had), created their own majors, spent more time off campus than on, discovered and loved (or pretended to love) really REALLY fringe music, but mostly attempted various forms of weirdness. Beyond college, I’ve been to towns as generic as they come (Ft. Wayne, IN, for one) and to one that goes so far as to campaign fr its strangeness (Austin, TX).

What I’m finding now is that, while I’ve swung between the two ends of the spectrum for most of my life, the whole IDEA is becoming decreasingly important to me. I’m starting to care less and less about whether or not the way I live is on par with the national average, and more and more about whether or not I’m happy with that lifestyle. If I like lying in bed on Sunday mornings and reading the paper with my dog, or siting in a coffee shop sucking up massive amount of caffeine and free WIFI, and these happen to be what “everybody’s doing,” well so be it. Because I also hate going to sporting events (which I’m told is practically unAmerican) and am about to audition for a community theater produciton of Reefer Madness.

So I suppose my point is Wondermark’s point. We’d all be happier (or at least feel a weight lifted) if we could stop comparing ourselves to those around us. Stop worrying about what other people think and believe (ahem… religious zealots!… ahem), find what makes us deeply content and get to it!

On this note, I propose we all wake up at whatever time strikes our fancy tomorrow (be it 8am or 2pm), throw social “norms” to the wind and enjoy our morning coffee. Or morning Mountain Dew. Or morning Jack and Coke.

Take your pick – no one’s watching.



The Sheeple “Discount” December 15, 2008

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Oh Wondermark, how cruelly and deftly you hit the nail on the head 🙂 First, the salesman (and I use that term loosely, because he was definitely fresh out of high school) tries to talk me into a $250 phone – his suggestion when I tell him I’m looking for something “basic.” Then this….  I should’ve known it was trouble when the entire sales staff was clad in football jerseys (it was a Sunday) and one of them actually told us a story about how she was so bummed about losing her commission on an expensive phone because of a mistake she made.

What’s a girl to do?

(Um… upgrade online next time?)



Writing Break November 11, 2008

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Having posted one too many NaNo entries in a row, I’d like to present a brief break from the writing insanity to bring you some on-theme (sort of) comic relief courtesy of Wondermark. Enjoy……Okay, now get back to work!




Halloween Escapades (Cont’d) October 30, 2008

But first –

I had to share this with you, as it’s got me mercilessly nailed-down:

I feel ya, Turn-of-the-Century Guy. Hang in there...

I feel ya, Turn-of-the-Century Guy. Hang in there...

Okay. Now, down to business.

Having resolved to go all out for All Hallow’s, despite the late start, we headed out into the streets of downtown last night for that all-important Trick-or-Treat necessity: the perfect costume. a mediocre costume. any costume at all!

As it was just two days before the Big Night, we knew we were in for a challenge. It was far too late for the make-something-witty-from-coffee-filters-and-a-glue-gun type of disguise. Sadly, we knew we had to go at least partially store-bought.

Our first stop: a popular trinket emporium known for its seasonal treasures. This smelled like trouble, however, from around the corner. The large store was both packed and picked-over. It’s stock was on the cheap side (which is fair – they’re not much about quality goods), and while I wouldn’t have minded seeing J in a mash-up of random costume accessories (“I’m a mustachioed Grecian pilot bullfighter…. duh”), the crowd was a little overwhelming, and we knew of a slew of costume retailers not far down the street.

So off we went.

Now, if this isn’t a commentary on the State of the Halloween Costume I don’t know what is: The area in which we went hunting next is, any other month of the year, a string of (for lack of a better word) sex shops. Each has it’s niche (the gay men’s boutique, the ladies (read: exotic dancers ((read:strippers)) shop, and the hippies-love-sex-too store (which combines the best of kink and smoking paraphernalia). This particular time of year, however, our shady little strip becomes a bustling mecca of Halloween retail. So enamored are we with dressing naughtily (although, I suppose this is not such a bad thing if we considered looking like tartlets to be a departure from our day-to-day dress) that we now buy our costumes where we buy our porn. (I mean, you know… if, hypothetically speaking, we bought such things).

It is a little fascinating, however, to bare witness to the obliteration of taboo. There I was scouring racks of tiny dresses alongside cleanly dressed college kids, other couples… even one mom and dad searching with their teenage twenty-something daughter. And we’re all shopping gleefully, paying little mind to the assless chaps and ballgags on the wall behind the counter.

And unlike picking through cramped, disorganized costume houses surrounded by screaming children and unable to find anything in my size, here I had a multitude of options and, I can’t lie, a damn good time trying out different ideas.

The one downfall – scary dude at Shop #2, which was still a little quiet when we walked in. He must’ve been bored, or really wanting to sell us something, because he followed us around the store hand-selecting ridiculous costumes for me. (We’re talking lame, two-piece Wonder Woman, skanky vinyl gold digger…) After a good hour looking over my options, I found myself imagining the impending frigidity of midnight in November and gravitating toward anything fuzzy and/or fur-lined (Frosty the Snowvixen? Hell yeah! And nothing says Halloween like Rudy the Rednosed Rein Dear!).

In the end, I left pleased with my choice. J already has something that will match it nicely, and I feel confident that we will make a fearsome duo Friday night. We’ll be heading to a street carnival that evening, and I promise thorough documentation (at which point our costumes will be revealed in all their glory).

My one regret? That we didn’t have time to make our own. But we already have our idea for next year, so I can safely swear off store-bought from here on out. We will, however, have to hold several costume theme parties to make the most of our purchases in the meantime. Check your mailboxes for invites in the upcoming months:)