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About A Girl October 1, 2008

636135876_cANox-XLNot that my lot in life requires conditions of anonymity, or that you couldn’t find out who I am by following a simple e-paper trail, but I’m not sure I want to write the story of my life-thus-far. More of a concern to me here is the present (and possibly the future, although I’m trying my damnedest to focus on living in the moment and not for tomorrow). But here is a brief summary of the recent past, which is not-so-far-from, and still affecting, my present:

– Girl moves home to the Midwest from glorious Austin, Texas, not due to distaste for that fair hamlet, but because she is increasingly broke (didn’t know there was a whole spectrum of broke-ness, did you?) and increasingly homesick for her family. She leaves behind a few good friends and hopes of rockstardom.

– Girl settles in back home, seeks gainful employment. In the course of one year, she waits tables at two different restaurants, freelances for a local magazine, works at an open-air farmer’s market and manages a photography studio.

– Girl burns out on waiting tables. She is miraculously hired by a downtown web-marketing firm, is over-qualified to be a secretary, but does not give a damn as there are regular hours, salary and benefits involved. (At this point, Girl realizes it is a sign of advanced aging that she regards these things so highly).

– Girl gets fed up with scary dating scene and decides to ask one of her former photography interns on a date. Quite possibly one of her most exquisite risks taken to date. (Meet Girl’s new boyfriend, J).

And that’s approximately how I arrived in the present.


(or, more accurately, THE BEGINNING…)


Amanda Heironimus now lives in Wilmington, NC where she’s serving tapas and chronicling her adventures in love, adulthood and quasi-unemployment with a Nikon slung around her neck.

*See Amanda’s online writing portfolio at

**Or check her photography out on Flickr at

***Or just visit her photo blog at

****Amanda also juggles chainsaws, speaks 12 languages including ancient Sanskrit, breathes fire on command and makes a damn good pineapple upside-down cake. She just doesn’t have a website for any of that yet.


6 Responses to “About A Girl”

  1. ty Says:

    Love to read your writings….there seems to be an uncommon depth and understanding to what you write.

  2. curiouserx2 Says:

    Aw. Ty. That’s the best thing you can say to me. Anything I write, whether it’s a song or a blog entry, is in part for me, and in large part for my audience. I desire to connect, and hopefully to effect. And definitely to learn a thing or two. Or five hundred. Hope you’ll continue to check in.

  3. evangraphics Says:

    Just bumped you from AlphaInventions and figured I would check your stuff out. Seems pretty cool. I have a similar life story with the living in the Midwest, working freelance for a newspaper, etc, etc. Anyways keep up the cool stuff.

  4. curiouserx2 Says:

    Hey, thanks for stopping by, Evan!

    (… and stay classy??)


  5. mikewalzman Says:

    i don’t know why, but i find it hilarious that you refer yourself as, “girl” ha. Anyways, cool blog and you don’t have to say it…. I will stay classy, peace!

  6. J Says:

    So who took all those great pictures? I can’t figure it out… perhaps because there’s no photo credits… hmm 😉

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