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In Which We Go Our Separate Ways January 7, 2010

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Okay, so remember that part where I said, “I won’t be quitting my piece of shite day job any time soon?”

I’ve quit my piece of shite day job.

It certainly wasn’t calculated, but MY GOD did it feel good. Having just worked a 52-hour week and having not had a day off since I returned from vacation, I was feeling a little worn down the other morning when I came into the restaurant to find my boss (the owner) and some guy working to re-seal the marble slabs on the hibachi tables. At 11am. WHEN WE OPEN. Seems my boss had little idea of how this project might effect business (as in, every one who walked in was repulsed by the smell of the glue and walked right back out) and hadn’t thought that perhaps work of this nature should be done while the restaurant is CLOSED.

So – I certainly wasn’t going to be waiting any tables that shift. Instead I did the best I could to clean up after their mess and whilst doing so, the boss decides to go on a tirade about… well I’m not entirely sure what it was about. At any rate, he has a fabulous way of degrading, belittling and insulting his hardest workers (I DO recall clearly that at one point he told me I wasn’t worth the nine dollars an hour he pays me) and right then and there I decided to end my stint as a powerless Yes Girl. When he finished his rant by saying he wasn’t very happy with me lately, I responded that I was not very happy with him, either. That we had two very different ideas about how to run a business and how to treat a staff, and that on that note I’d have my two week’s notice for him in writing by the end of the day.

And I did.

Now I ignore him and he avoids me, and things are going a little more smoothly.

Of course this means I’m on a desperate search for a replacement day job. Never fear, though. This wouldn’t be the first time, and I’ve never failed in the past. I’ve got my stack of resumes in hand and someone always needs a great server. And now more than ever I feel the importance of creating my own future.


3 Responses to “In Which We Go Our Separate Ways”

  1. laquesabe54 Says:

    You GO girl!!!!!

  2. Cham Dancer Says:

    I hear Wilmington is looking for some new people to run the ABC system. Just FYI …

    Sorry things didn’t work out, but I’m sure you’ll be up and atom in no time.

  3. curiouserx2 Says:

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, CD. I’ve got a new waiting job, so now it’s just a matter of making photography, writing or any number of my other loves into something quasi lucrative. And always, always keeping one eye out for unforeseen possibilities.

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