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THE ONE. May 18, 2009

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3nd3k63ldZZZZZZZZZ95h0723e8caa9351f3eIt’s a damn good thing I don’t fall in love with boys the way I fall in love with houses.

Thinking we’d get a jump on things, J and I have been scouring the Craig’s List rental adds for Wilmington for the past month or so, and while he’s managed to keep a level head about the whole thing, I seem to find THE ONE nearly every other day. And  THE ONE is always perfection on paper, but inevitably flawed in some deal-breaking way: it’s got a beautiful facade, but the interior boasts weird carpet and wood paneling; it’s stunning, with all the amenities, but situated on the wrong side of the tracks; or it’s swanky and brand new, but won’t give you enough space.

In short: house-hunting is like dating. And dating was NOT my forte. However, I was an extremely picky dater, and it appears I need to apply that kind of discerning taste to my rental search as well. That way I can end up with a good looking, extremely cozy abode who’s only flaw is being half an hour late all the time 😉


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