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Ignorance is Bliss? May 14, 2009

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Picture 1…. Or so they say. But I can’t imagine that sitting in a cave watching shadows all day long could ever be all that satisfying. Of course, the ignorant are ignorant of this as well.

What the blazes am I talking about, you ask?

Well, Chipotle, of course. Or, to be more accurate: the woman in line in front of me at Chipotle last night. A suburban soccer mom with three kids and obvious control issues, she approaches the counter and proceeds to, at a higher-than-normal volume, give her order to the gentleman behind the tortilla press with such exaggerated annunciation as to make me laugh. Apparently, she believes that the Hispanic man does not have a grasp of the English language, and she is trying to assist him in understanding her order. Never mind that there is NO INDICATION whatsoever that he is having any trouble getting her meaning. The man could speak English as a first language for all we know. And never mind that HALF of the words she’s mouthing so ridiculously are SPANISH. And she is utterly clueless that she is both being rude to this man AND making a complete idiot of herself.

I let out a reflexive snort, and turned around to see if my parents were catching all of this. They had to shush me, as my comments about her uncultured behavior were perhaps a little loud. I, however, don’t think she heard me (damnit). While I would have loved to have given that women a good talking to right then and there (and in front of her kids, so that perhaps her behavior might not be passed on to future generations), the best I could do was to give a friendly, conversationally spoken order to the man when I arrived at the counter.

Okay, and I gave the woman the eye. But that was it. I promise.

Yes, it must be nice to float through life in a tiny bubble of self-importance, unable to be bothered with issues and people outside your meager radius of thought. A word of warning, though: the world (you know, the REAL one) is full of needles just waiting to blow apart your silly, little shield.

And I may be in line behind you at Chipotle with one in hand.

(Addendum: I don’t know if this next example is ignorance or just a stupid sense of humor, but it’s worth noting. My office went out to the new ballpark to catch a few innings of a game for lunch today. We were seated among a large group of special education students – don’t get me started on the lack of educational value in a basebal game – and at one point, one of their teachers stood up to take some kids to the restroom. I noticed, hanging out of her pocket, a key chain that read, “I’m surrounded by idiots.” True story.)



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