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Yet Another High Fructose Update… April 27, 2009

6a00d8345250f069e201127904d57628a4-800wiIn my continuing war on HFCS, I’ve apparently become hyper sensitive to this terminology; those four little words seem to jump from the page any time I’m surfing these days.

Anyway – here’s the latest. Not that I’m advocating sucking down something artificially nuclear colored, but perhaps this is evidence that Pepsi has figured out that the general public is not so keen on this particular ingredient these days.

This sweetener swap has, of course, been done before (Kosher Coke, anybody?), but I’ll be very curious to see if high sales lead to a permanent recipe change (highly doubtful, but we all have dreams..). If anyone gives it a try (sorry… sugar or no, I’m not hitting the sauce), let me know what you think.


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