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High Fructose Update April 13, 2009

He's got it bad.

He's got it bad.

To my own shock and amazement, I’ve been doing pretty well with this whole corn syrup thing. Early on there were some startling disappointments (my favorite yogurt – Yoplait Light –  typically consumed daily without fail was harboring HFCS right under my nose – ditto with my balsamic vinaigrette). What I did confirm was that the easiest way to fight this menace is to steer your shopping cart away from the center aisles. In general, keeping to the outside ring and avoiding processed foods made my task infinitely easier. And when the Easter candies came rolling in, I was happy to see that a lot of them (especially the chocolates and my coveted Reese’s peanut butter eggs) still use old school sugar. DO NOT, however, take this as a free pass to let your sugar intake run rampant. Sugar is only the lesser of two evils, but I’ll take it (in moderation) any day over the HFCS.


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