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Childhood…. Revisited March 27, 2009

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Falls under the category of Stop the Presses, Oh My Effing G:

My hands-down favorite childhood story (more than 20 years later) has been made into a film. And thirty second of trailer tells me I’ve already fallen head-over for it. Serious badassery coming to theaters October, 2009. Who’s comin’ with me?!?!


P.S. Love the choice of Arcade Fire for the background music!


4 Responses to “Childhood…. Revisited”

  1. cello85 Says:

    ohhhh i’ll definetely go! This book inspired me as a young child to be creative. Which might have led to my career as an artist. I live in Austin TX…come BACK and then we can go 😉 lol

  2. curiouserx2 Says:

    Not nice to tempt me, Cello!! I miss the ATX like nobody’s business. I wonder if this book’s significance in our childhoods is in direct correlation with our creative adulthoods…. do I smell a research study?


  3. Jess of the D'Urbervilles Says:

    I’ll absolutely go with you.

  4. curiouserx2 Says:

    Hells yes! It’s on… I’m marking my calendar and there’s no backing out. We’ll get a moosesitter and make a night of it!

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