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Bienvenido a Miami! March 5, 2009

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12-miamiYou know you’re a part of something pretty special when, in the midst of learning four-part harmonies, you find yourself discussing the proper pronunciation of “bachanal.”

As we start delving in headlong this week, the “Reefer Madness” score is proving itself to be challenging, entertaining and ingeniously constructed. It helps that the cast is a talented, hardworking bunch who don’t take themselves too seriously. But can I be the first to admit there is nothing funny about high C’s?? Especially when you’re not a true soprano?

Also coming up: Sping Break. I’ll preface this by mentioning that I haven’t had a proper “Spring Break” vaction (ie, the variety where you go somewhere warm and sunny and spend a week being adventurous and hedonistic) since, hmm… since I was 18 (though I’m not going to lie, living in Austin sometimes felt like one long, extended Spring Break). 10 YEARS, people. That’s no laughing matter. So when I’m jetsetting to Miami a week from today, don’t hate me because I’m vacationing 😉 I earned this one.

But, ideally, I’ll be back with plenty to relate in the way of anecdotes and vacation tips and the meaning of life. (Or at least a good story about seeing the face of the Virgin Mary on an empanada??)



One Response to “Bienvenido a Miami!”

  1. Exellent post. You got some really good points there.

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