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Violence and Nudity March 3, 2009

yhst-45547213099599_2043_5424887831I’m not a violent person (although J can vouch for my innocent pugilism). But if I ever EVER came across this young man, say, at the grocery store (likely in the snack aisle), it’s safe to say his life would be in danger. Because I can’t bring myself to relay the story, I’ll post a link explaining exactly why this particular stoner is in such big trouble and why he should be in even bigger trouble (I’d root for the felony charges, but I’d rather see his victim make a full recovery).

Something about cruelty to innocents – it’s particularly brutal and monstrous, and those capable of it are a waste of life. Harsh? Maybe. But go read the article, come back and tell me this guy isn’t just taking up space.

On a completely unrelated topic, rehearsals for Reefer Madness began last night. The first was just an hour or so of going over business and logistics. We learned exactly what each of our roles entails, and mine, as it turns out, will be more of a challenge than I’d initially perceived. See, I’m handed a list of costume requirements for Miss Poppy, and I’m going down the chart and it looks pretty obvious: Waitress Dress, Apron, Character Shoes….. Red Lingerie. Huh?

You know those dreams where you’re in the school play, and you come out on stage for your scene and realize you’re clad only in your underwear? I think I just signed up for that. Because next I’m reading through the script and come to the part where, “Miss Poppy does a naughty bump and grind as the kids whoop and cheer her on…” Turns out the secretly villainous Poppy eventually shows her reefer den allegiances with a dance/strip tease. Hello, skivvies!

While, in theory, this sounds like liberating, riotous fun, the reality of dancing on stage in very little for my friends and (eee!) family has just hit home. The good news is, the majority of the cast shows serious skin at some point in the show or another, so I’m not alone. And I’ve got 2 months to get intimately comfortable with the idea.

And to find really great red lingerie.



One Response to “Violence and Nudity”

  1. curiouserx2 Says:

    Ahem… I feel the need (after a bizarre random comment) to mention that, no, that is NOT me in the picture. (Not that I don’t wish it was…. 🙂

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