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So That’s What the Universe Looks Like, Huh? February 11, 2009

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bite1Taking advantage of the bizarre turn our weather has taken (if only for a day), I bolted from the office for a bit to walk with J to Cafe Corner for lunch. After, we strolled home, and when we arrived at my car (the return to work hanging just as ominously over us as the storm clouds now starting to  block out the sun), I procrastinated in the form of lingering to give him a kiss (or two or three) goodbye and give him a quick pep talk for an afternoon interview he had coming up.

As we finally, reluctantly began to part ways, a gentlemen on a bike came rolling out of the park across the street. With skin the color of espresso and a bright, wide smile and donning an OSU letter jacket, he yelled jovially to us, “Ya’ll gonna be doin’ that same thing 20 years from now!” Yep – but that’s not all. “Ya’ll gonna have some little ones, some twins!” Twins, eh? “Just make sure they BUCKEYES!” he called finally as he rode off down the street.

Part embarrassed for being caught in the act, part baffled by the frankness of these comments, J and I laughed along with the guy, who was, strangely, not scary in any way. Instead – and maybe this is just the romantic in me speaking – he sounded like the voice of the universe telling us that everything was going to be okay. Which is exactly what we both needed to hear, as times have been as rough on us as they have been on much of America.

Crazy weather, crazy day. The world feels like it’s been shaken up a little, like a snow globe.

In a good way.



3 Responses to “So That’s What the Universe Looks Like, Huh?”

  1. Chris Says:

    That sort of thing pushes you back into your comfort zone, nice but unrealistic. I think when things are bad people need to look at the universe and remember things will end when we are hit by an asteroid or the sun blows up, comforting.

  2. curiouserx2 Says:

    Wow. Well – everyone takes comfort in their own way, I suppose. I like to think the asteroid thing’s not coming for a while, and, yes, my world will surely end someday, but moments like this deter me from nihilism (anyone see I Heart Huckabees? – b/c I think maybe Chris and I represent here the two sides of the argument in that film.)

  3. That was a wonderful story. You never know when God’s angel will send a message. When the day comes and you possibly have twins, I am sure you will know. This will be interesting to follow…

    My husband told a story one time of how his grandfather, at different times, would touch each of his brothers and sisters head and close his eyes and he told each one how many children they were going to have. They had exact number of children he has said. My husband said that when it come to him, after several times and said he just didn’t know about him. He never had any children of his own.

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