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Obamicons – Hells Yes We Can. January 30, 2009

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flamingo1Now that the “Yes We Can” Man is officially President Obama, what to do with our campaign sticker fever? I mean they were good.

Damn good.

Never fear, my friends! brings us the ability to create endless twists on the symbol of hope we’ve come to know and love. Whether you use the template to venerate or villainize, the tool is easy to use and thus far has produced some clever off-shoots.

Check it out, and don’t be shy and self-conscious and keep these to yourself. (Like when Evil Twin takes a ton of stuff into the dressing rooms when we’re shopping and comes back out ten minutes later having shown me nary an item, claiming none of it “worked.” Psh.) Leave your fine (or funny, or bizarre, or twisted or whatever) works of art in my comments.

Also, soon to come: J and I won a free salsa dancing lesson tonight at the Capitol Theater. This could be hot. Like habanero sauce drizzled on smoldering coals hot. Like surface of the sun hot. Like Hillary Swank hot (tee hee – The Office, anyone?).

Or, you know, goofy, clumsy and ultimately disastrous.

Either way, I’ll be sure to report back, hopefully with both ankles intact.



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