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Hello, 2009 January 4, 2009

Ending a long vacation is always painful (or should be, and maybe is indicative of the quality of said vacation), but this one – the first extensive time off I’ve had in a two years?? – will be particularly difficult to conclude. Met J’s family for the first time, along with many friends of his I’d heard about but never met in person, and it went as well – if not better – than I could’ve hoped. His little sister (18 and still finishing up high school in London) and I got along a little too well (we’re totally going rogue – whatever that means), and his big brother flew up from Florida and we cooked tacos for everyone together one night and breakfast the next morning. His dad took note of how much I liked the wine at dinner one night, and gave me a bottle to take home with me. (He was also so worried that I would starve due to my wheat allergy and not eating red meat that he made a special trip to the store and stocked the fridge with fruit and veggies some kind of tofu thing that was also very sweet:) There was beer pong in “The Club.” There was champagne, mulled wine, cheap beer, expensive beer. There was more food than I even want to think about right now. There was Rock Band into the wee hours. There will be an entire entry devoted to all this soon, but I’m still attempting to digest everything that’s occurred in the last two weeks so I can relate it to you in some kind of meaningful way. More to come when I get back to Ohio (that’s another story – we’re stuck here an extra unexpected evening….. not that I’m complaining).

Happy 2009!!!



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