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Cute Gone Bad… December 5, 2008

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The economy being what it is, our lives ever in flux, our paths perpetually uncertain, it is more important than ever that we not take ourselves too seriously. So when I came across this little webcomic gem, I had to add it to the weblog, to pass it on to all of you. These “adorable” little icons will ensure that your heart never gets too heavy (and your head never gets too big). And, if I’m to be honest, this speaks to my inner freak (a good 2/3 of Meghan’s daily comics are pretty twisted).

Ah, Friday at last. And what will this weekend hold? One night off, one night babysitting and one day escaping the city to do a little Christmas shopping. Oh. Yeah. I’m 27 and still babysit from time to time. I actually find this activity refreshing and extremely valuable. Granted, I’m a free-spirited, wanderlusting Jill-of-all-trades today, but I feel in my gut that this will quickly change for me in the next few years, and it will do me well to get a little extra practice under my belt before that time comes. Besides, the four-year-old I babysit is fascinating. Some of the things that come out of this kid’s mouth – and the LOOKS she’ll occasionally fix you with – and the CRAP she’ll try to pull on you!! 😉 She’s just enough of a challenge to be good for me and getting goofy with a kid 24 years your junior is amazing stress-relief.

Anyway, her mom keeps a really great photo-blog called Fish Food (you’ll see a link off to the right) I highly recommend to young parents or anyone with a heartbeat.



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