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In Which We Make Beds and Indulge Alter Egos November 24, 2008

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Why do I feel like I must be working for the weekend (and a bit of loss for this)? I swear I live during the week, too, just more hurriedly and frequently without time to write about it. Anyway, this weekend was eventful in its uneventfullness. We decided to designate Saturday for pure unadulterated winter-time relaxation. With the exception of some living room furniture rearrangement and the laying down of a new rug in said room, the rest of the day was spent doing only things I love (and if I’m to be completely honest, I kind of love rearranging furniture, too, so there you have it). Breakfast (er… lunch) at the corner cafe, purchasing logs for the fire, rolling out the fold-out couch, piling a bunch of blankets on it, setting up the laptop to play movies and, finally (the product of all our efforts) – watching movies in front of a roaring fire with hot chocolate and Gabe.

We made our bed and basked in it. I recommend this highly.

Amidst all this lying-around-doing-nothingness, there was much talk. Plans have been laid. Details are being worked out. (Muah-ah-ah). Great things are to come, and it makes it so much easier to face a Monday when you have a plan. Plans… I recommend them as well. And think BIG. It’s more fun that way.  I promise to divulge when mine are a little more solid. (This entry is so disjointed – my apologies. I’m afraid it’s just the state I’m in this morning).

The band had a surprisingly productive practice yesterday. We’re loving this new space, despite the cost. No distractions, no equipment f@#k-ups, great sound…  I love practice space. I LOVE PRACTICE SPACE!! We have a show coming up this weekend, playing a set at the conclusion of a new, two-act play being presented at one of our downtown theaters. Actors are theatrical. We’re theatrical. This could work.

So, moving backwards through last week…. my roommate (also a musician), another female musician friend of mine and I will be performing for a Christmas party benefiting local homeless families. The three of us have performed in the past under the alter-ego name Girls!Girls!Girls! These shows are typically holiday-themed (we did the most kicka## USO-style show last Fourth of July) and ripped right out of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. So it’s totally throw-back and kitschy and entirely different from what each of us do with our respective musical projects. So we’ve got this holiday show to get together, and last week we had a shoot for the promotional photos. It was completely ridiculous and fun, and we definitely threw a little, plaid scarf around Gabe’s neck because he was walking into every shot and posing with us. The little dude loves the camera (and the camera loves him). Anyway… below you’ll find some final shots and production shots from that evening.

Everyone have a safe Thanksgiving!!

See you on the flip 🙂




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