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In Which We Take a Road Trip to Visit Evil Twin November 13, 2008

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Leaving work soon to run home (and by run I mean drive), take the dog out, throw a few final things in my already over-stuffed suitcase (mine is the kitchen sink approach to packing) and be ready and waiting when J pulls up to whisk me off to North Carolina for the weekend. This little roadtrip was spawned from the discovery that Amanda Palmer (one half of the piano/drum punk cabaret duo The Dresden Dolls) would be making a solo tour stop in Raleigh, but not in my own city. And because my sister (some people have made the ludicrous observation that we could be twins, so she is forever known here as Evil Twin), because Evil Twin lives in Raleigh and I will make up most any excuse to see her (What? There’s a transvestite scrapbooker’s convention in “stone’s-throw-from-Raleigh” Apex?!?! By god – we have to go!), J and I decided to make it a long weekend. He hails from a little town outside Charlotte, so the plan is this: drive down to Charlotte tonight, trying desperately hard to not stop at every single rest area on the way (this would be me trying, not J), crash in his empty family home for the night, cross the state to Chapel Hill the next day, where we’ll visit J’s cousin and some old friends, meet Evil Twin and my brother-in-law for dinner there, then drive down to fair Holly Springs (which just got a brand new Walmart of which its residents are so damn proud – and this is why Evil Twin will never get me to join her down there) for the rest of the weekend. Amanda Palmer plays Saturday night, and I suspect we’ll drag our feet leaving on Sunday and maybe, MAYBE get home before I have to be at work Monday morning 🙂

I’m taking the laptop with me in hopes of doing a little writing on the way down and back (hey, it could happen). Otherwise, I can at least promise a photo-log of some sort or another (do I smell a collage in the works? F@#% yeah I do!)

~a (This is one of my favorite xkcd’s… )



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