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Highjinks at HighBall November 6, 2008

Well. Apologies for the wait, first off, but I’ve been in recovery since Sunday, and I feel like I may finally be rousing from my sugar/post-weekend coma. So it’s time for a tale….

Friday would not end – the work that is. Not to say there was much to do. That may, in fact, have contributed to the never-ending nature of the afternoon. I sat at my laptop counting down the minutes until the evening was mine. A bit of an Indian Summer had arrived the night before, and I itched to feel air on my skin again after the couple week’s winter preview we’d been having.

At 5 (not a minute sooner or later) I was off, racing home to transform myself for the festivities ahead. Our plan for the night: the City’s latest attempt (a brilliant one, for once!) to become the hip, youthful, vibrant metropolis we claim to be…. The Halloween HighBall.

The original plan, costume-wise, was to go as a Smelly Pirate Hooker (referencing Anchorman, not condoning unhygienic promiscuous plundering) with J going as the Dread Pirate Roberts from The Princess Bride. As plans typically do, however, this one fell through when J’s boss kept him late and he arrived home only to find he no longer had the costume pieces around the house that he needed. SO – Plan B: we’d dress him as a castaway and I’d tie him up and drag him around as my prisoner.

Yes. Well. I liked the idea anyway 🙂

Without further ado, off we went, me dressed in Jolly Roger glory, J looking a bit more Matthew McConaughey than Tom Hanks, but whatever.

When we arrived on High Street, the party was in full swing. The building faces swam with colored light projections, the street itself teeming with schools of masquerade masks, painted faces, plunging necklines and micro-skirts.

We arrived just in time to catch the costume contest, hosted, as one would expect, by a bawdy drag queen who managed a clever quip for nearly every entrant. Winners included a group dressed as the cereal characters of our childhood (Tony the Tiger, Count Chocula, Frankenberry, etc.), several girls portraying a male mariachi band (dubbed “Nasty Sanchez” by our emcee) and an enormous sock puppet monkey.


Anyway, I’ll let the photos speak (mostly) for themselves. In this case, I think they say it best. HighBall was a hit (granted, thanks largely to the amazing and unusual weather – I worry what will become of this event if it’s too cold or damp next year), and I think everyone who was there with me is already plotting ways to make a greater statement next year. I know I’m going to aim for the stage, myself 😉 Nights like this make me wonder why people don’t think more highly of this town. Look what we’re capable of! Your young and hip are desirous of such things! If you build it, we will come. And we did….. in droves. Let this be an example to those who have the resources to put together events like HighBall, and to those who think our city is too stuffy to ever support such artsy vibrance.






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