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For those of you filling out ballots by hand....

For those of you filling out ballots by hand....

Right, so I think you may have an inkling what I’m getting at here. From what I hear already, the numbers are staggering – the percentage of registered voters ACTUALLY VOTING is blowing all previous presidential elections to the wall, and, for the first time in a while, I suddenly feel proud to be an American. I know our country is capable of amazing things…. but I feel like, as a whole, we’ve been sitting at home in our La-Z-Boy with a bowl of EZ Mac watching reruns of The Price Is Right because we can’t reach the remote.

Know what I mean?

So it warms my sarcastic, jaded little heart to hear that we are exercising our rights en masse.

I love you guys. (tear!)

No, but seriously, thank you. And let’s make this more than a ripple in the pond, shall we? Let’s make this the beginning of a veritable tsunami of involvement and action among the citizens of our country, yes?

And, while I’m at it, I’d like to mention that I’ve had not one, but three separate conversation regarding the United States’ Election Day traditions. Can anyone tell me WHY THE EFF this isn’t a NATIONAL HOLIDAY??? The early voting turnouts alone should tell us that if we give people the time they need, they will vote. Why shouldn’t we make it as easy as humanly possible? Our government talks a good deal about the importance of the democratic process…. I say we get some legislation rolling on this, shall we?

Just waiting on a few more pics from the weekend, and then I’ll post the Halloween entry (should be tonight or tomorrow).

Everyone have a great night.

Tomorrow, history will be made.



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