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This Is An Excuse…. October 16, 2008

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…This is only an excuse. In the event of a real blog entry, I would offer something far more witty/provoking/priceless/ridiculous than, “I am writing this just to test out Word Press’s new polling feature.” It’s true. My deepest apologies. But what do you guys think?



3 minutes of your life you’ll never get back?

(Hmmm. A poll about a poll. What does this say about our world today? The implications are endless…)

Anyway – have at it, readers. I promise to comply with your wishes as far as the next entry. (But I’m so tempted to throw in an anecdote about today’s awards luncheon. No… no… must – not – write. Maybe just an inspirational pic instead? A peace offering? A little somethin’ somethin’ to placate you ’til next we meet….)



One Response to “This Is An Excuse….”

  1. Jess of the D'Urbervilles Says:

    Um, I vote for Gabey Baby. He’s super-fly fabulously flatulent.

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