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Sushi for Breakfast October 15, 2008

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Anyone else having a little trouble grasping the whole concept of adulthood?

I mean, yes, there’s the job (the “REAL” job I have for the first time in my life). And bills and insurance of varying natures and a home (granted, a rental) and bars and running errands on your lunch breaks and traffic tickets and dining out at places with black napkins and change-of-address forms and student loans and credit cards and bank accounts and stock options and oil changes and dating and so on and so on.


There’s also ice cream for dinner and sushi for breakfast and playing hooky from work instead of school and road trips and house parties where no one will be busted and funding your band with your “REAL” job and staying out too late on a work night to walk the neighborhood under the influence of a bottle of wine seeking out Halloween decorations (and gladly paying for it the next day) and decorating your house (granted, a rental) in aforementioned decorations and taking your lunch breaks on the rooftops and so on and so on.

I suppose it’s something like landing on Mars, or arriving at the gates of the afterlife : the concept of adult-ness we form as kids, and then as teenagers, is, in a sense, blown away the minute we realize we’ve done it: we’ve made it to adulthood ourselves, and it looks so different from anything we could’ve perceived.

To that end – a gift to you: one of my favorites from one of my favorites…..


(Do comment. Don’t be a stranger. I love hearing from you…)

Courtesy of xkcd

Courtesy of xkcd


5 Responses to “Sushi for Breakfast”

  1. PeaceLily Says:

    Love that strip! Thanks. Here’s to alternative adulthood!

  2. curiouserx2 Says:

    Cheers, Lily!

  3. Hamin Says:

    I think that meanse the transition from childhood to adult was too fast.

  4. The_Nooge Says:


    You can just be a Radio DJ and never grow up…(even though at 24 I’m probably not grown up anyway…)

    I’m just saying…it’s a solid choice!

    ~The Nooge

  5. curiouserx2 Says:

    Good call, Nooge. Don’t think I never considered it. I used to be a veejay at Gameworks where my sole responsibilities were to hang out with people, challenge the gamers to Indy 500 and Super Shot and talk endlessly over the video/PA system about how cool we were, “The best place to eat, drink, party and play.” After spouting this slogan night after night (which was likely written by the CEO’s five-year-old niece) until it slipped out subliminally in everyday conversation (“So, Tom, you fly fish in your free time? It must be so great to strike out at dawn, walk through the waking woods, step into crisp, bubbling water and EAT DRINK PARTY AND PLAY!”), I decided perhaps it was maybe not for me. Writers and deejays – I believe we are akin in our ever-swelling need to communicate. We always have something to say.
    Thanks for the comment.

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