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A Life Less Ordinary October 14, 2008

A Brief Photo Essay for Your Consideration

What a Large Percentage of Our City Did on Game Day:

– Pre-Gamed (ie. sat in a bar or a parking lot eating greasy, processed food, drinking heavily (or lightly, but still…) and possibly playing a game of cornhole or two if they really felt like exerting some energy.

– Went to game (ie. drank some more whilst sitting and occasionally standing and yelling sporadically at increasing volumes. For four hours.)

– Post-Gamed (ie. depending largely on alcohol tolerance, either A) Moved on to (or stayed at) a bar to continue alcoholic consumption in the name of  the home team, B) Passed out at home in front of television during post-game analysis.)

What I did on Game Day:

– Slept as long as the sun (and Gabe) permitted.

– Made and ate breakfast with J.

– Took a drive into the country.

– Visited a little town having a huge street fair.

– Walked the streets and explored all the booths (and saw such bizarre things as: grown men dressed in medieval costume and playing drums and bagpipes, belly dancers of vastly varying sizes and a supposedly radioactive mutant fish that, to be honest, I didn’t actually see, because there were plenty of other things upon which to spend $1.00)

– Escaped the street madness for lunch on the shaded patio of a cafe that doesn’t own a microwave. (HOMEMADE KETCHUP for the love of god!!!)

– Searched Basho for the perfect hand-printed t-shirt; came away with one-of-a-kind scarves, too.

J in spankin' new Basho jacket

J in spankin' new Basho jacket

... and me in aforementioned scarf

... and me in aforementioned scarf

– Paused to watch a trio of street musicians; dropped a dollar (remember, the one I didn’t spend on the fish? I knew it!) in their guitar case.

– Explored a tiny bookstore (granted this was a brief encounter, as we soon discovered the store specialized in a bizarre selection of new age psychology, astrology and self-help books. Oh – and also local authors. Which, oddly enough, fit nicely into those categories as well).

– Ditched the shuttle ride to our car in exchange for a late-afternoon walk down a country road.

-Stopped at a local dairy to feed the goats and eat homemade ice cream (3 effing scoops of peanut butter ice cream, banana slices, peanuts and chocolate sauce topped with whipped cream and a cherry, b#tches!!)

– Ran through a pumpkin patch at sundown (alongside a smattering of children all under the age of 7) seeking perfection (And finding it. Three times. Like puppies in a pound – I couldn’t leave any of them behind. So we spent entirely too much money, but I can sleep at night:)

Zee perfect pumpkin...

Zee perfect pumpkin...

– Drove home as night fell, windows down, singing along to the i-pod at the top of our everloving lungs.

So – whose time was better spent? You decide.

I’m not here to judge – just to present the facts.

(We can live better)



One Response to “A Life Less Ordinary”

  1. J. Says:

    it’s a toss-up between the pumpkins and the one with the fat guy with the double-beer hat. because that is pretty effing awesome

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