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I am a Girl Anachronism October 1, 2008

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Or am I? Mes amis, you are in for a ride should you choose to follow this documentation of Girl vs. World.

Or Girl And World Take on Universe.

Or Girl Learns to Quit Being so Hard-Headed and Get Along with Universe.

So the synopsis remains elusive, but I can (if history does, in fact, repeat itself – and it certainly seems to) guarantee adventure, mayhem, heartache, introspection, deep thought, shallow thought and moments of sheer, soul-squashing, brain-swelling boredom (but I promise not to carry on too much about the latter, lest your poor head also balloon like a startled blowfish). Maybe I don’t know you, but I care.

But first….

Who am I, and why should you care?

Well, quite frankly, you shouldn’t care. But as you’re still reading this, it appears you do.

I am female. 27-years-old. White. Pale Pasty. And damn proud of it (surely you will hear more on this in posts-to-come). American, and not necessarily proud of it at the moment.

A musician: piano-playing, singing, songwriting, leader of a band in a mid-size, Midwestern city where they care far more for football than live music. I am no longer in it for the potential of rockstardom. (I still harbor fantasies about such things). (And some would say an over-user of parentheses). (They can sod off).

By day, I appear to be an average worker bee. A drone, off to work downtown at 9, back home at 5. (A sheep, as J would say.) I am not yet in my thirties, but I feel the heat from that fire already. I do not know where my life is going. I have learned to not care, but to not give up, either.

That is me in a nutshell. But there’s not a nutshell in this world large enough to explain who I am and what I am up to in this world. And so there is Curiouser&Curiouser. Apt proof that I am here, and I am living.

To be living is to be exploring your world, whether it’s the underside of your bed (where the EFF were my navy patent pumps this morning??), the city you live in, the surrounding great outdoors or the lands beyond and across the sea.

To be living is to be actively figuring out this life.

You are welcome to join me.


Yours Truly

Yours Truly


One Response to “I am a Girl Anachronism”

  1. Trouble Says:

    Indeed. Exploring, discovering, and laughing and getting bitten and biting back and biting back the tears and laughing some more. “To be living is to be actively figuring out this life.” recalls to me this: “All of God’s creatures, excepting humans, know that the basic premise of life is to enjoy it.” What do the birds do first thing in the morning just before the sun rises? Otters and dolphins only stop playing to eat and sometimes not even then! If you have a dog you know he or she is ready to play ANYtime. But humans…worry and fret and hurry and stress and rarely if ever take the time to just stop and look around and savor the fact of being. So, Girl Alive, I’m with you in figuring it out and will not go gently except where gently is the way to go. I’ve been a few places (I even swam from Asia to Europe!), seen a few things (there was a bald eagle right overhead a while back and I’ve got a picture and some video to prove it! Way cool.) Still, there’s plenty more to do and see and feel and think and, fellow musician that I am, play and write and sing and punctuate the silence with some rhythm and melody and harmony and a bit of dissonance on occasion and try to constantly be aware of being. Right O! Carry ON!

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